20 November 2013 – Study Meeting

Come and join us tomorrow night (Friday) at 7:30 pm* for a Study Group Meeting.  We’ll be discussing:
  • Study discussion: Something interesting! Maybe our developing relationship with Heimdall! Maybe Texas Gulf Coast traditions and celebrations! Maybe a little of both! We were challenged last week that there was a skill we needed to build, so let’s talk about our skills as a protogrove, and what work we can do to deepen those skills.
  • The rune Sowilo or Sigel – the Sun
  • Alaric Albertsson’s To Walk A Pagan Path – Chapter 9-10 (The end!)

If you haven’t been to one of our study meetings before, please feel welcome and join us! I have some intro material that we can discuss as well, to get you up to speed on what ADF and our Protogrove are all about.

See you there.