10 June 2016 – Nine Waves Meeting

Come and join us Friday night at 7:30 pm for a Protogrove Meeting.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Ritual Rehearsal – We’ll be going over our Summer Solstice ritual, so please attend if you would like to participate
  • Dedicant Path Introduction – An overview of ADF’s first study program requirements
  • Ogham – Fearn (The Alder tree)
  • Writing an Invocation to Armand Bayou – Brainstorming ideas for our new relationship with the bayou where we meet

NOTE: The Bay Area Bridge over I-45 is CLOSED for the next few months. If you typically visit us via 45, allow some extra time for detours!

This week will be our ritual rehearsal for Summer Solstice – if you wish to take part in our ritual, you will need to attend this week’s meeting to go over who will be doing which parts. I will be sending out the ritual tomorrow for everyone to print a copy. (We will be using note cards for the actual ritual, but they may not be done in time for the meeting this week.)

Our Ogham discussion this week is Fearn – the Alder Tree.

We’ll also be reviewing ADF’s dedicant path – what it is, what it requires, and how to get started. If, as discussed last week, we’re going to require some of our officers to be dedicants, we need more dedicants in Nine Waves!

I’d also like to do some brainstorming for our invocation to Armand Bayou. While we haven’t done the trancework yet to determine a name or other characteristics, I think it would be nice to start discussing what makes our little bit of earth special.

See you there.