18 November 2016 – Nine Waves Meeting

Come and join us Friday night at 7:30 pm for a GROVE Meeting.

FIRST! I am super proud to announce that we are now officially Nine Waves Grove, a provisionally chartered Grove with ADF. Our Grove charter was approved on Monday November 14th, 2016 – a full moon day, and an auspicious one at that. Huge thanks to everyone who has helped us out over the last seven months as we completed the process of moving from a Protogrove to a Grove. You all are what make this grove work!

Since we have officially voted them in, your grove officers are as follows:

  • Senior Druid – Lauren
  • Grove Administrator – Lauren (acting)
  • Treasurer – Ryan
  • Secretary – Jacob
  • Members’ Advocate – Amanda

We’ll be discussing:

  • ADF Cosmology – How does ADF view the universe and its creation and ordering; what do we find sacred? Lauren will be leading this discussion, leaning heavily on the training she’s received in ADF’s clergy training program.
  • Norse Cosmology – Ryan will be leading a further discussion of the Norse hearth culture with an exploration of their cosmology, plus a look at how it builds on, is the same as, or is different from ADF’s structure
  • Yule Ritual – A quick discussion about our upcoming Yule ritual so that the people writing parts can begin to prepare them. December is fast approaching

As always, this is a good time to reinforce that ADF is a very loose organization when it comes to beliefs. While we do have a cosmology and a ritual structure, your personal beliefs are always your own. This discussion will let you know what “ADF” usually holds to, at least so far as it illuminates our ritual and ritual beliefs, but many druids have their own beliefs – and that’s fine!

If you will be working on your Dedicant Path, you will need to know some of this for your essays, but you are welcomed and encouraged to engage with the material and how your personal beliefs and experiences align (or don’t) with what we do.

See everyone on Friday!

11 November 2016 – Nine Waves Meeting

Come and join us Friday night at 7:30 pm for a Protogrove Meeting.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Germanic Hearth Cultures Introduction – Ryan will be leading us in an intro to the Norse, Teutonic, and Anglo-Saxon hearth cultures
  • Dedicant Path Introduction – Lauren will be leading a brief introduction to ADF’s first study program, the Dedicant Path

As a warning, we will likely *not* be discussing politics or the US election at this time, beyond a possible discussion of how to make sure our Grove remains a safe and inclusive space (which is a goal that we’ve had for as long as we’ve been a group). Please do not come expecting to discuss the election, as our politics as a group are actually fairly diverse.

See everyone on Friday!