6 Jan 2017 – Nine Waves Meeting

Come and join us Friday night at 7:30 pm for a Grove Meeting. We will be meeting in room 112 of the Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church.

QUARTERLY DUES ARE DUE THIS FRIDAY, in the amount of $30. These dues help us pay for the rent on the building/room we use, our PO box (required by ADF), ritual supplies, etc.

We’ll be discussing:

  • New Years Traditions – Ringing chime to “ring” in the new year together
  • Grove Business:
    • Imbolc Retreat; Planning, who is going, carpool, etc.
    • Crafts and Fundraising
    • Imbolc Ritual: Confirming details for Feb 3 ritual
    • Upcoming Meetings and Schedule
  • Social time – if time, let’s get to know each other a little, and share about our holidays and our hopes for the upcoming new year.

For our Crafts and Fundraising at the Imbolc Retreat, I know for sure that we had planned on selling mini-altar tins and ADF core order prayer beads. As such, I have the following supplies ordered (and they are all scheduled to be delivered by Jan 10, so we should be okay, but you never know…)

Altar Tins:

  • Tea Lights
  • Small boxes of matches
  • Small glass vials for water
  • 1.5″ wooden circles (that we can burn a “tree of life” symbol on)

Ryan is providing the Altoids tins for these – I do not know how many we currently have. I purchased enough supplies to make 20 altar tins – if we need more I should be able to procure more of everything on the list.

ADF COOR Prayer Beads

  • Bell
  • Purification (blue agate bead)
  • Earth Mother (“earth” looking ceramic bead)
  • Outdwellers (black sandalwood bead)
  • 3 Hallows (Tree connector bead)
  • Gatekeeper (key charm)
  • Ancestors (skull bead)
  • Nature spirits (leaf bead)
  • Deities (amber star bead)
  • Omen (small quartz point for scrying)
  • Return blessings (goblet charm)

Of this list, the only thing I am not sure will be here by the 13th for craft night is the quartz points, which are currently due to be restocked this week, and some of the charms (which I ordered on Etsy, so no guarantee of when they will be shipped/delivered). If they are not available, we may need to come up with a different “omen” bead for our sets, or just push back our craft night until the 20th.

I was able to purchase enough of all of the beads to make 20 prayer bead sets – some things (like the tree of life spacers) I could *only* get 20, so if we need or want more, we will have to find an alternate source or a different bead.

I am working on a prayer sheet to go with both sets. Since I do not currently have a working printer, we will need to discuss who/how we will be getting things printed to go with our devotional items.

See everyone on Friday!


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