9 December 2016 – Nine Waves Meeting

Come and join us Friday night at 7:30 pm for a Grove Meeting.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Yule Ritual Rehearsal – With offerings to Tyr, Heimdall, and Frey for blessings on our oaths as officers

As usual, if you’d like a speaking part in the ritual, you will need to attend this week’s meeting in order to rehearse with us. If there is time, we will run through the ritual songs as well (presuming Jacob can attend with his guitar).

Please remember that if you are an officer (which is to say; myself, Ryan, Amanda, and Jacob) you will need to have the text of your oath for your office to swear as part of the working for our ritual. Please have this ready for THIS WEEK, so that we have time to work on them. I would like everyone to have a chance to read through them and offer tweaks.

Look for an additional email from me (probably on Thursday night or Friday morning) with the updated ritual script for Yule.

See everyone on Friday!

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